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Below is the project portfolio that lists all software development activities and recent products that you may download, use and modify freely for your own purpose. You are also welcome to contribute to its development.

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Semantika DRM (Semantika in short) is a domain-relational mapping library for Java language, providing a framework for mapping traditional relational database to a domain model. Semantika provides data query and retrieval facilities in SPARQL. It generates optimal SQL calls and relieves end-users from the underlying data schema. Using Semantika, you are creating an intuitive data query service over existing database with little performance overhead. It is an open-source product under Apache License 2.0.

Several API features:

  1. Mapping SQL Tables to RDF Graphs. Semantika uses mapping modelling paradigm R2RML for defining the specification. Typing formats are available in Turtle and XML.

  2. Formal Domain Modelling. Semantika understands domain modelling in OWL and support inferencing of OWL 2 QL profile.

  3. XML User Configuration. Users can add/remove setup parameters for data connection, connection pooling and system resources through XML document.

  4. Data Query in SPARQL. Semantika promises natural data query using SPARQL expressions. The language is very flexible, schema-free and easy to learn. The algorithm in Semantika will perform an optimal translation to SQL to get the most responsive answer.

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A Unix-based console application for data querying. Suppose you want to try Semantika in action then this demo app is your first choice!

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A SPARQL endpoint for remote query servicing. Suppose you want to provide a remote query service over your database through the Web then deploy this module into your webserver machine and you are ready to go.

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A future plan development for big data storage and large-scale processing of data-sets on commodity hardwares. The project will exploit the power of Hadoop and Hive framework to replace database system as its backend.